ERYC – Help for Households Campaign

In response to the cost of living crisis, ERYC have recently launched a corporate campaign to draw all available help, advice and support together into one easily-accessible package for residents.

‘Help for Households’ is now gathering pace and you will soon see a comprehensive programme of communication activity running across the whole of the East Riding with a particular emphasis on the areas, groups and individuals most in need of help.

The help, advice and support offered includes:

  • a wide range of council support available to residents
  • government support
  • support provided by others including local charities, community partnerships and voluntary sector organisations.

Signposting to these many sources of advice, help and support is now made easy for residents through a one stop dedicated website.

For businesses, a summary of help, advice and support is also now available through a similar dedicated webpage.

This campaign is a whole council and community effort with officers working together across a huge range of ERYC services as well as with  local, regional and national partners to enable residents to access help, advice and support.

The Help for Households toolkit provides an easy-to-read summary of support, help and advice currently available, together with a broad range of promotional materials for use to help to spread the word as far and wide across the East Riding as possible.

Help for Households Toolkit.pdf (