About Ellerker Parish Council

Your Parish Council acts as a community liaison with other local service providers including Yorkshire Water, West Wolds Slow the Flow, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, The Environment Agency, and Humberside Police and is always on hand to assist with queries and concerns raised by local residents.

The precept is the council tax that the billing authority (in this case, East Riding of Yorkshire Council) collects on behalf of Ellerker Parish Council. The precept is calculated as part of the Parish Council’s budget; it fills the gap between the Parish Council’s planned expenditure and its estimated income. Parish Councils do not receive any direct funding from central government and so the precept is a hugely important part of a Parish Council’s income.

This income allows your Parish Council to provide residents with numerous services throughout the village including supporting Community initiatives (Including the Annual Christmas Tree and festivities, Tour de Yorkshire, Platinum Jubilee, WW1 Centenary). The Parish Council provide Allotments, Street Lights and maintains a number of local amenities including the Notice boards, Website, Bus Shelter, Village Pump and Community Defibrillator.

We hope you will agree that Ellerker Parish Council provides local residents with good value for money!

The public are always very welcome to attend meetings

Unless otherwise stated all meetings take place at 19:30 in Ellerker Village Hall

Future Meetings


Thursday, 10th November


Thursday, 5th January
Thursday, 9th March
Thursday, 4th May
Thursday, 6th July
Thursday, 7th September
Thursday, 9th November