Monthly Archives: March 2017

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council is at 7.30pm on Thursday, 6th April – all residents are very welcome to attend the meeting in the Village Hall.

At the recent litter-pick-weekends more than 60 bags of rubbish were collected
So a massive THANK YOU !! to all who took part.

Village Hall Defibrillator

For those who missed the 28th February session by paramedic Tom, about how to use and when to use the Defibrillator located on the Village Hall, here are some useful links:

Defibrillator Quick Reference Guide – document
How to Use Your Defibrillator 1 – video
How to use Your Defibrillator 2 – video

If you find someone unconcious your FIRST action should be to phone 999, the emergency operator will then tell you whether or not the Defibrillator should be used.