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Ellerker Annual Parish and Council Meetings

Dear Parishioners

NOTICE of the Annual Parish Meeting

I hereby give you notice that the Ellerker Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 11th May 2023 at 6.30pm.

Venue: Ellerker Village Hall

All Local Government Electors registered to vote in the Civil Parish of Ellerker are invited to attend.

1) Acceptance of apologies for absence
2) Chairman’s annual report – Claire Wood
3) Unitary Councils report – ERYC Cllr
4) Humberside Police Report
5) Reports from the Groups and Clubs of the Parish
– St Anne’s Church
– Neighbourhood Watch
– Village Hall Committee
– Playing Fields Committee
– South Cave and Wolds Rotary
6) Chairman’s Closing Comments

Claire Wood 21st March 2023
Chairman: Ellerker Parish Council

Please note: If a Parish Poll is requested only parishioners listed on the electoral roll will be able to make the request and vote.

The Annual Meeting of the Ellerker Parish Council will follow this meeting at the same venue at 7.30pm. The agenda is available here