Monthly Archives: August 2017

Timber For Sale

The 10 poplars on Ellerker Allotment will be felled on Tuesday 5th September. Residents who wish to purchase timber should notify the Parish Clerk on by 15.30 on Friday 1st September – click here for details.

Westland Nurseries – change of use

The Parish Council held a public meeting at 7.30pm in the Village Hall on Thursday, 10th August. The meeting considered the planning application 17/02368/CLP [Westland Nurseries, Sands Lane, Ellerker “Change of use from nurseries to the siting of static chalet caravans”].

The application documents can be viewed via the ERYC Public Access page. Please use the search function and the words “Westland Nurseries” or use the planning reference 17/02368/CLP.

The attached document provides information about making comments with regards to the application.

Many thanks

Alan Barker
Clerk to Ellerker Parish Council