Ellerker Neighbourhood Plan Update May 2024

We would like to inform you about the progress of the Ellerker Neighbourhood Development Plan, which we consulted you about last year . The core of the plan, covering the years 2024 to 2039, based on your feedback has been developed with the assistance of Urban Glow consultants, funded by a grant we received. We are currently fine-tuning the plan with the help of EYRC to ensure it meets our requirements and can pass an external examiner’s scrutiny, as required by law.

We will be consulting you again for your opinions over a six-week period in the near future as mandated by regulation, on the pre-submission plan. The plan will be publicised for your review before the independent examination. This will be followed by a referendum, and if the referendum supports the plan, it will be adopted.

Further information is available via the following links

Ellerker Neighbourhood Plan First working draft

Ellerker Neighbourhood Plan Sample Views Analysis

The Steering Committee and Ellerker Parish Council