Monthly Archives: August 2016

Ellerker Allotments 2016

There will be an abundance of apples and possibly some pears and plums ready for picking on the Ellerker allotments (at the top of Howden  Croft Hill) during the next few weeks. Everybody who lives in the village is welcome to share the fruit as it would be a shame if it was wasted and left to rot on the ground in the Autumn.

Please contact Diana, Clair or Florence, just to let them know that you will be visiting the allotments.

Clair 07515 774353

Diana 07977 908444

Florence 07946 756744

Sports Day 2016 – Saturday 10th September

Races will start on The Green at 2pm

Indoor competition entries must be presented in the Village Hall no later than 12 noon, the competitions are:

Adult’s categories
• 3 blooms
• 1 single rose
• Quiche lorraine
• Fruit scone

Children’s categories
• Robot made out of recycled materials
• 3 decorated buns
• Picture of the Olympics

Don’t forget to leave your name underneath your entry!