Monthly Archives: March 2016

House Martins

HouseMartinIn the next few weeks we will see migrant birds returning from their winter quarters, among them should be House Martins. Thirty years ago they were abundant in Ellerker, but now they are scarce. If you find you have House Martins nest building under the eaves of your house please contact Tim Pickles at Sebastopol, Main Street (422585)

Ellerker Action Group – AGM

The Annual General Meeting for the Ellerker Action Group will take place at 7.30 in Ellerker Village Hall on Tuesday, 26th April 2016 – Everyone is welcome

Claire Wood
EAG Secretary

Fly Tipping

20160228_120600aThere have been 2 incidents of fly tipping recently on the periphery of Ellerker, one in Crabley Lane and the other in Brantingham Road. Both consisted of  external and internal builders’ rubble. Similar tips have been reported in Broomfleet. Read more