Monthly Archives: May 2018

Playing Field Working Party – 12th May at 2pm

If you have some time to spare on Saturday afternoon, 12th May please come along and help tidy up the playing field. We will gather at 2pm and will be cleaning the play equipment, as well as tidying up grass edges and overhanging tree branches.

Secretary – Playing Field Committee

Annual Village Assembly 2018

The Annual Village Assembly will take place on Thursday, 10th May 2018. Starting with the Annual Parish Meeting at 6.30pm, followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm

At the Annual Parish Meeting individual village groups have been invited to share with local residents details of the activities undertaken over the last year and planned for the coming year.

The meeting is chaired by Claire Wood as Chair of the Parish Council, but only hears and meets the business of the electors.

Alan Barker
Clerk to Ellerker Parish Council