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Ellerker Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting is in Ellerker Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 10th March 2022 – all village residents are welcome. The meeting agenda can be viewed here.

On 21 February 2022, the prime minister announced that the government will be removing remaining domestic restrictions in England. The government guidance can be found here, including the plan for living with COVID-19. From 24 February 2022, people will not be legally required to self-isolate if they test positive for COVID-19. The advice in the guidance is to stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people. In order to decrease the risk of catching and passing on COVID-19, the government advises people to get vaccinated. It advises letting fresh air in if meeting inside or meeting outside and to consider wearing a face-covering in crowded and enclosed spaces. It also says to try to stay at home if unwell and to take a test if you have symptoms.

Alan Barker
Clerk to Ellerker Parish Counci

Northern Powergrid Update – Storms Dudley and Eunice

We wanted to make you aware of preparations we have made in readiness for Storms Dudley and Eunice.

We are aware that both storms carry a threat of gale force winds, forecast for our operating area from Wednesday evening, potentially causing damage to our network. We want to assure you that we closely track the weather and have ensured our resources are in place to respond if the storms impact our network.

Our network control engineers have capability to restore power supplies remotely, switching electricity through alternative routes on our network wherever possible to get customers back on supply. In parallel our frontline workforce will be deployed to carry out local switching and repairs to restore power as safely and quickly as possible, conditions allowing.

We will continue to track the forecast closely, as we always do. If the situation develops we will keep you updated by text (where we have your number) and email – Please keep an eye out for these updates.

As a reminder: if you do lose power, you can report your power cut online at or take a look at our 24/7 social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthPowergrid).

Informing us that you have no power means we can keep in touch with you during the power cut.

We are also reminding anyone who spots any damaged overhead power lines or other equipment that they must not approach the area and should report it immediately by calling 105. Our 24/7 contact centre will be available with advisors ready to provide information, advice and support to customers who call 105, the free, three-digit power cut number.

If you have a disability, medical condition or very young family, who may need greater assistance during a power cut and have signed up to our Priority Services Membership, we will keep you updated as a priority. If you require further support, you can contact our dedicated priority service line 0800 169 2996. Our customer support vehicles are also prepped and ready to go out into local communities, where possible, to offer help on the ground to those who need it most.

We expect that the storm will create levels of disruption that are over and above typical levels. If it does, we will be applying the lessons learnt from Storm Arwen in relation to keeping customers updated on our progress. In the early stages, we will give longer estimates of likely restoration times that reflect the fact that we won’t know the extent of the damage to the network. During that time, we will expect to get a lot of supplies restored by reconfiguring the network, but we will not yet know which customers are affected by damage that needs physical repair to restore supplies. In those early stages, we will be working hard to assess the damage so that we can provide more precise updates as the situation unfolds.

You can also find some useful hints and tips on what to do during a power cut on our website at

Ellerker Parish Council – Vacancy for a Councillor

There is a vacancy on the above Council caused by the resignation of a Councillor

A bye-election to fill the vacancy will be held if by 18th February 2022, 10 electors for the Parish Council give notice in writing to the Chief Executive of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council at County Hall, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA claiming such an election.

If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

If you would like further information, please contact Claire Wood (Chairman of the Parish Council) – E Mail   or Alan Barker (Clerk to Ellerker Parish Council) – E Mail 

Ellerker Parish Council Meeting

The next Parish Council meeting is in Ellerker Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 6th January 2022 – all village residents are welcome. The meeting agenda can be viewed here.

Information with regards to the current Plan B guidance in respect of the holding of Parish Council meetings is available via this link. A summary is provided based on guidance provided by NALC, ERNLLCA and ERYC alongside the Covid 19 Return to Face-to-Face Meetings Risk Assessment provided by BHIB Councils Insurance.

Alan Barker
Clerk to Ellerker Parish Council

Ellerker Parish Council – Vacancy for a Councillor

Why not become a local Parish Councillor for Ellerker Parish Council?

Ellerker Parish Council has a vacancy for a co-opted Parish Councillor. No specific qualifications are needed and the most important requirements are to have a keen interest in Ellerker and to be prepared to play an active part in the Councils work. Initial training for all new councillors is available as well as regular ongoing training opportunities. Councillors are required to attend the Bi-monthly Full Council meetings. The term of office for the vacancy will run until the next ordinary election which is in May 2023.

To apply for the post, please send a short E mail (maximum 600 words) to the Clerk to the Council, Alan Barker at    covering:-

• Why you would like to join the Parish Council.
• The skills, knowledge and experience you would bring.
• The key parts of the village that need protecting and the areas for improvement.
• My proficiency with electronic communications.

If you would like to talk through the role of a councillor, please contact the Parish Clerk or speak to Claire Wood (or E Mail )

The closing date for applications is 20th August 2021.

Co-option will take place on Thursday 2nd September 2021 at 7.30pm in the Full Council Meeting at Ellerker Village Hall, where you will be asked to address council for no more than five minutes to expand on your written submission.

You cannot stand for election if:
• You are the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order
• Have, within 5 years before the day of taking office, been convicted in the UK of any
offence and have had a prison sentence (whether suspended or not) for a period of over 3
months without the option of a fine